A Walk Through CES 2019 — Part 3: The Connected and Quantified Pet

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Is your 50-pound husky puppy home alone while you’re at work, tearing up your apartment because it is bored? Well, maybe you shouldn’t have that kind of dog. Or perhaps you have a cat and want to know how closely related it is to a Bengal tiger? You’re in luck because help may be at hand from a litany of devices designed to guilt you into parting you with your cash (plus a monthly subscription plan!)

Laïka is an interactive robotic dog toy with AI. You can see and talk to your pet, and even chuck treats, but it also has a Bluetooth tracker that attaches to the dog so that the robot won’t try to play when your pet is asleep.

Basepaws is a DNA test for cats. We did a DNA test on one of our dogs about 10 years ago, and it was completely wrong (our mostly golden retriever came back as Sharpei and Great Dane!) The Basepaws representative told me that there wasn’t much data back then and that nowadays these tests are much more reliable. So I beta tested it for you. You’re welcome.

At first glance, Waggit is yet either yet another GPS collar or Fitbit for dogs. While it does all that, its primary focus is on the health of your dog, which it tracks through a variety of sensors establishing baseline data. An area where this could be useful if you’re trying to figure out when your dog is reacting badly to the environment. Now people who know dogs well can probably tell without the aid of technology, but for new dog owners, this could be very useful.

Mousr is an AI robotic cat toy, essentially a “mouse” with a fluffy ball at the end of its tail. This thing probably packs more processing power and sensors into its rodent-like shell than the entire Apollo 11 mission, and they’re all enlisted to keep your kitty entertained. That’s why is this $150 device is better than your $10 RC mouse. And did I mention the interchangeable tails? When kitty gets bored with the fluffy ball, you can add a feather, bouncy, flicky, springy, or catnip tail to the mix!

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