A Walk Through CES 2019 — Part 1

My time at CES is usually spent away from the show in suites meeting with customers and partners for my real job. In between these meetings, I typically get a couple of hours to have a wander around. Despite many attendees boasting about going to CES and never going to the show floor, it is an opportunity not to be missed, and after attending for a few years, you get to know the areas to avoid, and the areas to check out to see the truly unique and zany. Phone cases, screen protectors and other accessories? You’ll want the South Upper Hall. Big TVs and appliances more your thing? Try the Central Hall. Automotive and other forms of transport? That’s the North Hall. But for the truly weird “what were they thinking” items, and the occasional gem, well that can only be Eureka Park in the Sands.

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Haul of literature (and a free Arduino) on my bed.

Designed for start-ups, Eureka Park is loosely split into country (with France having a larger-than-life representation) and application areas, with some larger anchor booths from Arrow Electronics (where you could get a free Arduino), Kickstarter and Indiegogo. As far as I could tell, the overall theme if there was one, was “the gadgetization of everything.” Some stood out:

  • Health devices

Think of an application, and there was a gadget for it. Go to Part 2 to read about what caught my eye in various locations not just limited to Eureka Park or the Sands…

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